As an educationalist working in legal education, this is my manifesto, this is what I believe in:

I believe in the development of the Learner and the development of the Learning Environment to meet the needs of the Learning Community.

I believe in Social Learning to make learning accessible and fun.

I believe in Personalised Learning to meet the needs of all, not the needs of few.

I believe in Collaborative Learning, that by learning together we achieve more and quicker than if we work apart.

I believe in Mastery Learning, that we learn by incremental steps that build and scaffold to higher achievement and understanding.

I believe in Cognitive Learning, that learning is both a science and an art, and that a greater understanding of how the brain works leads to better learning design.

I believe in Work-based Learning, that learners learn through real experience and reflection.

I believe that Gamification can help Cognitive Learning, that we learn more when we’re having fun and that we all strive for achievement in our lives.

I believe in Professional/Personal Development Plans that set aims and objectives and are the basis of self-reflection, in itself a very important part of the learning process.

I believe in Innovation, that we must move forward, continuously and strive to find new ways of learning.

I believe in Learning Spaces that are creative, enjoyable and fun. That we learn most when we feel safe, unafraid to explore, create, test and challenge both ourselves and others.

I believe in Master Learners not Tutors, that we all have a learning journey and that that journey never ends.


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