Legal Education

With over 20 years of experience in vocational training, I have substantial skills in the areas of innovative learning design and use of learning technology.

My interests include the creative application of teaching and learning methodologies and the integration of learning technology to enhance and support the learning experience.

You can see my full professional profile on LinkedIn.


I am a FA Level 2 Youth Modules 1, 2 and 3 Licensed Coach currently taking my UEFA B qualification.

If you are also a football coach and use the FA Coaches app, send me a Coach Mate request. My username is nghudson. You can also find me on Hive, which is the FA’s educational repository.

My coaching philosophy is that we should develop technically proficient players to deal with the demands of the modern game with the ability to retain possession of the ball and play through the thirds of the field in the most effective and controlled way possible.


Although raised on a diet of Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, and Progressive Rock, I have a broad and eclectic taste in music.

Follow me on Spotify. My username is nghudson


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