Hi, I’m Nigel Hudson, father of two daughters and husband of one wife (to have more would be illegal in this country).

When I read a blog I like to know a bit about the blogger. It adds an insight, a personal dimension, that I think is important if the blogger truly wants to connect with those reading and following a blog as opposed to the blog just being a repository for thoughts, musings or streams of consciousness. So, here goes…

I hail from the North-East of England, born in Durham raised in Sunderland. Where I come from, that makes me a ‘Mackem’ not, repeat not, a ‘Geordie’. That distinction may be lost on many but it is a very important one for those from Wearside and Tyneside and confusing the two may cause offence to some. What could be worse is to label me a ‘Sand Dancer’, or a ‘Monkey Hanger’ or a ‘Smog Monster’…as you can see the diplomacy required to steer through local rivalries in that part of the World would test even the best UN negotiators.

I live in West Bridgford, Nottingham slap bang in the centre of England. It’s a great part of the country with its own interesting dialect and of course spiritual home to Robin Hood. Being in the heart of England makes travel to other parts equally accessible. True, I miss living by the sea (where I was brought up I could see the sea at the bottom of my street from my bedroom), however frequent holidaying in Cornwall satiates that need from time to time.

I have lived in the East Midlands for most of my life. I studied Law at the University of Leicester then spent a year in Chester completing my Law Society Finals before returning to Leicester where I qualified as a Solicitor with a wonderful firm with the equally wonderful name of Ironsides. I then spent a year in Leeds cutting my teeth as a Commercial Property lawyer before returning to Leicester and then joining Nottingham Law School in 1993. I moved ten years later to what was then the College of Law (now known as the University of Law) and left in October 2013 to pursue more varied and innovative projects as a Learning Design, Technology & Innovation Consultant. After a short spell at University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL), I returned to Nottingham Law School in December 2015.

As you will see on the My Interests page of this blog, Legal Education is one of three major interests that I have, the other two being football (soccer to some) and music. I played youth football to a fairly high standard, playing at County Schools level for County Durham and trialling at Sunderland AFC. Unfortunately, my trial put an end to any budding football career as I badly broke my right leg during the trial. It wasn’t until later in life that I decided to pick up football again but this time as a coach rather than as a player. I obtained my FA Coaching Certificate in 1997 and I am now at FA Level 2, with Youth Modules 1, 2 and 3 (currently taking my UEFA B qualification).

I’ve always had an interest in music. As a 15 year old growing up in the aforesaid North-East of England I avidly listened to what is now known as ‘Classic Rock’. However, it wasn’t until my 40th year on the planet that I learned to play guitar. If only I had known as a 15 year old the joy that playing a musical instrument brings! Who knows what might have become of me and where I might have ended up.

Anyway, we are where we are. This blog and my Twitter feed will reflect the three major interests I have mentioned. I hope you read it, I hope you follow it, but most of all I hope you enjoy it .


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