Keeping up with the amount of information constantly being pushed to you and pulled by you is the curse of being a worker in the modern 21st Century office. The feeling that everyone else knows more than you affects confidence and belief in one’s own ability. The need to keep up with the Jones’s around the workplace adds more pressure to what is already a high pressure environment that we work in.

David DeLong, consultant and coauthor of The Executive Guide to High-Impact Talent Management, writes: “The problem of learning overload in high-skilled jobs is going to get worse, given advances in technology, the increased availability of knowledge, and the relentless drive for performance improvements. The failure to address this phenomenon will have costly impacts: increased risk of burnout, reduced productivity, and time wasted on the wrong tasks. Awareness of the presence and costs of learning overload are the first step to meeting this new challenge.”
DeLong’s article, When Learning at Work Becomes Overwhelming, which appeared recently in the Harvard Business Review makes interesting reading. He makes suggestions regarding management of information overload and puts forward strategies to ensure that one keeps on top of those developments that are essential to the work one does. Recommended.


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