The Force Awakens! (aka Returning to NLS)

This week saw my return to NLS (Nottingham Law School) after 22 years. It’s been great to see so many familiar faces and also meet many new faces and to feel once again part of something that quite honestly feels like coming home.

The fact that after 22 years nearly 50% of the staff have remained at the Law School is a testament to the place. Yes, we all look just a little bit older but we’re all a lot more experienced and a lot wiser. Colleagues who I first met as practitioners like me taking their first steps into higher education, are now Associate Dean, Senior Management Team, Professors and Doctors. I’m incredibly proud to call them friends and colleagues and also incredibly proud of their achievements and the huge contribution they have made and continue to make to professional legal education both in this country and abroad. 

I hope that by returning to NLS I can also contribute to the continuing success of the Law School. Of course the landscape of professional legal education in the UK has altered significantly since I was last here in 2003. There are significant challenges to be met and new vistas to explore but the pioneering spirit of ’93 at the advent of the LPC is still there. With an open mind, and a passion for innovation and progression we set off like Lewis and Clark to chart the unknown. It’s been refreshing to return to NLS, for me the force awakens!


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