Course Modelling

Course modelling is the process by which a course designer maps out the teaching and learning methodology for a particular course or module. Astonishingly, it is often overlooked in the design process as instructional designers seek to shoe-horn the course content into the available sessions at the earliest opportunity. As a result, courses often end up putting content before learning experience which is deeply unsatisfying to learners, the very people who ought to be at the forefront of any course design.

I know for a fact that many legal education providers lack any definition of their teaching and learning methodology and this manifests itself in the absence of any modelling or prototyping of new courses before design begins. The result, a lot of wasted time and energy, lack of direction, no identification of potential pitfalls, and most importantly little consideration of the learning experience for the learners. My answer, a Course Modelling Toolkit, the latest in the toolkit series, which is now available to download from the eCommerce page

Course Modelling Toolkit available from

Course Modelling Toolkit available from

The toolkit contains:

Activity Planner
Module Map
Course Map
Course Map Spreadsheet
Pedagogy Profile Worksheet
Course Aspects Facilitation Cards

The tools can be adapted and branded to suit individual organisations/institutions. can provide half or full day workshops to facilitate the course modelling process and help design teams get their course design off to a great start. For those who wish to go it alone however, a step-by-step guide to the process and use of the tools is included in the toolkit.

Please contact me if you’d like any more details.


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