The Legal Edlines: an interactive digital newsletter for legal education practitioners

I’ve been working on a new version of The Legal Edlines, a weekly updating newsletter rounding-up the latest developments in legal education.

Up until now I’ve been using to source material and while it is very good at what it does, it is limited. It relies mainly on social media sites Twitter and Facebook plus RSS feeds which I find few people or organisations use effectively. I feel that there is a need for an updater that draws on a wider range of resources and that is why I’ve hit on the concept of an interactive digital newsletter aimed at the legal education practitioner and learner.

The prototype was produced yesterday and I’m aiming to release the first copy this coming Friday. Please watch out for it. If you’re a learner, designer, tutor or just plain interested in higher education and legal education in particular, I think you’ll find it useful and hopefully thought provoking. It forms part of a holistic package I’m designing centred on 21st Century social learning and the emergence of the digital designer/tutor/learner. I’m hopeful that with changes to legal education and the empowerment of like-minded people, this could be the start of something big. Who knows, for the adolescents of the 1970s who remember such things and the Edupunks amongst us, The Legal Edlines may be The Sniffin’ Glue of 21st Century legal education.



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