Book deal signed!

Really pleased to announce that I have signed a book deal with to write a new Land Law text aimed at the LL.B and GDL market.

The work will be a new type of text, concise yet principled, with context and practical application to the fore. There will be practical examples and reflective questions which will allow the student to branch out for a more rounded learning experience, picking up on developments in the teaching area.

What is really exciting is that the template will bring into play the possibility of an eBook version which carefully utilises additional resources. Contrary to people’s opinion, I am definitely not anti-paper even though I have personally been paperless for over 3 years now. I believe in using the best media for the best learning experience in the best learning environment and in today’s terminology one of the major strengths of paper is that it is an ‘offline’ resource that in it’s correct format is very portable. However, supporting that strength by blending it with electronic media with the potential to point out to external resources is an exciting prospect.

I am really looking forward to working with David Stott and Sue Hall who I have known for a number of years. They have great experience in publishing, particularly in the field of legal education, and they are putting together a really good team of writers who will complement each other in the production of this latest series. Personally, I feel really excited by this project’s potential and I’m delighted to be involved. Work starts soon with a target publication date in Spring 2015.


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