The Legal Edlines (or how I became a press mogul)

Just prior to this Christmas I decided to become a newspaper editor. Now forgive me if that sounds a bit grandiose, as if I have designs on becoming the next Rupert Murdoch (heaven forbid) or that I am about to start sporting a Trilby with a press card stuck in the side (do paparazzi still sport such things?). No, it’s a lot simpler to explain and even easier to do I’m afraid.

I have always had what I would call ‘alerter’ services (emails, newsletters, websites) that I would refer to either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to keep up to date with professional news. I have a set routine of checking certain reliable sources for information once a week, usually on a Friday, to catch up with what’s been happening and keep my ear to the ground for new and interesting developments. That usually entailed visiting several websites until I came across a while ago and I have found it a very useful way of capturing and curating content in the form of a newsletter that can be informative and communicative. My particular newsletter is “A Weekly Round-up of Legal Education News” which, in a vain attempt to be both witty and descriptive, I decided to call, ‘The Legal Edlines’ (do you see what I just did there?):

The Legal Edlines

To be honest, it’s very simple to set-up. Once you’ve decided the format, using the tutorial, it’s a question of searching and listing the sources of shared information that you would like to curate and publish. Instructions are very simple to follow and the software does all the work for you. There are one or two areas which you can use in the basic free version to personalise your newspaper (such as fonts, titles, headings, editorial comment) and then all you have to do is decide when you want to publish, how often, and whether you want to promote your editions via social media or not. It really is that simple.

So, if you, like me, rely on weekly updates on Legal Education, please check out and subscribe to The Legal Edlines I’ll be publishing every week without fail and will publicise each edition through Twitter at @nghudson Please comment on the paper and any articles. There are bound to be many interesting and discursive topics that are posted and it would be great to get as many readers as possible involved. Please check it out, subscribe and see what you think.


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